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Fiore Brandão Advogados – Attorneys at Law

Who We Are

In 2002, Willian Fiore Brandão founded Fiore Brandão Advogados in São Paulo, Brazil. Motivated by entrepreneurial spirit, brought unique and valuable experience and expertise to the new firm.

With extensive in litigation experience and experience in labor law and taxation, Fiore Brandão Advogados is guided by the excellence of the work provided to the customers.

“Willian Fiore and his team have been of a great support since more than 6 years for our company located in Sao Paulo. Being a subsidiary of an abroad company, we have been able to rely on his experience and advices on multiple subjects as work law, taxes, Board of Trade transactions and many others. The pragmatic approach to law and the professional handling of complex subject combine to give precise and effective advices. This is for sure a trustful and fruitful partnership !”

Alain Perreaud, Aisa Group

“Mantemos com FIORE&BRANDÃO,  advocacia empresarial uma parceria, sustentada na competência ,na experiencia e atitudes positivas nas soluções  apresentadas.”

Salvador Granado, Pretty Jet

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In every area of practice, Fiore Brandão brings the experience, dedication, and client responsiveness that are needed for our clients to achieve their objectives.



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